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China-Canada flight training center will land in Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone
   On June 17, 2019, at the 53rd French Aerospace Exhibition, Guangdong Aerocity Holding Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Aerocity")announces that it will cooperate with CAE company, which is leading in the field of civil aviation training. It will cooperate with CAE company who is proficient in the field of pilot training in China. The two parties have established a new training center in the Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone to provide localized training opportunities for pilots.

  According to ICAO statistics, there are currently more than 4 billion passengers traveling by plane every year, the total amount of aircraft cargo transportation exceeds 58 million tons, and the number of practitioners in the global air transportation industry exceeds 65 million. With the development of this industry, CAE routes and business aviation have made predictions about the needs of pilots. According to the predictions, the industry will need more than 320,000 pilots in the next ten years, which means that the number of existing fleets and pilots will be doubled, and pilots with skilled driving skills will be a scarce resource.
The Guangzhou Flight Training Center equipped with top-level design will be put into operation in 2020. At the initial stage of operation, it provides simulator training and ground theory training for A320 and B737 models to serve airlines in Guangzhou base or surrounding bases. The training center will provide comprehensive initial level training service and retraining service. As the market demand grows, it will gradually increase the scale of the simulator. The training center is located in the Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone, a 5-minute drive from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, and its transportation is very convenient.
 Mr. Wang Liqun, President of Aerocity, said: "After the establishment of this training center, pilots in this area can be trained in the Guangzhou training center, which greatly improves the pilot training efficiency of aviation companies, thereby solving the issue that it lacks mature pilots in civil aviation. As a partner of CAE, Aerocity trusts CAE's professional capabilities and is confident to work with CAE to build this training center into an international first-class training center. After completing this project investment, Aerocity will continue to focus on aviation training project, increase its investment in aviation professional talent training project. By the means of combined industry, finance and learning, it is committed to developing Aerocity. Aerocity is the first domestically-owned mixed-ownership enterprise focusing on investment in the aviation sector. Currently, it has participated in projects including aircraft leasing, aircraft dismantling, aviation materials trading, and virtual route operations, and it has gradually formed a closed-loop aviation industry chain.

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