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Financial Leasing

In November 2015, Aerocity initiated and incorporated Skyco International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. to offer services in aircraft leasing, airport facility equipment leasing, infrastructure leasing, clean energy equipment leasing and high-end equipment leasing. It is the first leasing company in the Guangdong Free Trade Zone investing the most in aircraft rental and committed to developing into a world-class, domestic largest leasing company with a background in the aviation industry.  Following the development concept of “marketization, specialization and internationalization”, Skyco Leasing has set up leasing platforms in Nansha, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Ireland, Cayman and Xiamen to develop global business and connect domestic and foreign resources. Up to 25 aircrafts, and asset value of more than RMB 13 billion, the company ranks among the top 50 aircraft leasing companies in the world, the top 10 in China, the top 10 local excellent financial institutions in the 2018 Guangdong Provincial Financial Excellence Award, and the top 100 financial brands in Guangdong.

Operating leasing aircraft trading in Guangzhou Free Trade Zone
Guangzhou cross-border aircraft transaction
Aircraft leasing transaction in Guangzhou that an overseas leasing structure had been successfully restructured into a domestic one

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