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Guangdong Aerocity Holding Co., Ltd
Directed against civil aviation, an important strategic industry for the economic and social development of China, the State Council clearly proposes to expand the scope, improve the quality, enhance the international competitiveness and influence, and promote the sustainable development capability of civil aviation in the Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Civil Aviation Industry. In order to actively implement the relevant national, provincial, municipal policies, and policies of autonomous regions, promote the industrial structure adjustment and upgrading through the scientific development of the civil aviation industry, and set the regional economic development in motion, on January 28, 2015, Guangdong Aerocity Holding Co., Ltd. (referred to as Aerocity) was incorporated thanks to the joint efforts of Guangdong Airport Authority as the major shareholder in partnership with Hengjian Investment, Kingfa Technology, Haid Group, Liby Group and Juneyao Airlines, with registered capital of RMB 1 billion. It functions as a platform on which investment and financing management, capital operation and foreign strategic cooperation are conducted in respect of the airport economy.

As a benchmark enterprise of mixed ownership in the airport field, Aerocity focuses on the project investment and cultivation of the airport economy industry to build a development model of the entire industry chain in the aviation industry. By leveraging the advantages of industry and finance, it promotes the overall value of the industry, and the upgrade and development of the whole industry on the basis of the construction of an international aviation hub and airport economy.

Adhering to the development mission of “promoting the upgrading of the aviation industry and boosting the rising of airport economy”, Aerocity is committed to developing into a leading domestic and world-class aviation investment operation group through the portfolio of asset management and capital operation. At present, Aerocity has made its arrangements in the aviation industry, aviation real estate, financial leasing and aviation fund by successively establishing Skyco International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (Skyco Leasing for short), Guangdong Aerocity Equity Investment and Management Co., Ltd . (Aerocity Equity for short), Guangdong Aerocity Aviation Development Co., Ltd. (Aviation Development for short), Guangzhou Xunhegang Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (Xunhegang for short), Flying Technology Co., Ltd. (Flying Tech for short), Skyho Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (Skyho Aviation for short) and other professional companies in the aviation, real estate and financial fields. In this way, an aviation investment operating system focusing on aviation industry, characterized by aviation real estate, and supported by aviation finance is formed with the co-existence of industry and finance, innovation and efficiency.

Aerocity has core strengths in shareholder background, government relations, professional capabilities and management teams. Its shareholders include capable state-owned enterprises and listed companies, with strong government resource docking capabilities and financial market operations capabilities, establishing a powerful background. Aerocity has maintained amicable relationship with the government. The development of the Aerocity has been strongly supported by the provincial and municipal governments. Many projects have been listed as provincial key projects, and a good relationship has been established with the Airport Economic Zone Management Committee, the Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone Management Committee, and the relevant departments of the province, city and autonomous region, such as customs, border inspection, inspection and quarantine. A high degree of industry focus is also one of the Aerocity’s strengths. Aerocity is highly focused on the investment, development, operation and management of the aviation industry, with the combination of industry and finance as a boost to the development of aviation economy. Its success is also inseparable from an excellent management team. The members of the Aerocity Management Team are outstanding talents from the aviation, real estate, finance and other industries. They have a solid industry background, a solid professional foundation, extensive network resources and rich management experience.
Founded in 2015with registered capital1billion RMB.

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